Monday, 19 May 2014

19th may

Went to Blanchland to photograph the reported 6 spotted flycatchers which were in the village, it didn't take long before i could hear one singing :) then the little fellow showed in one of the gardens. Another pair was found nest building in another garden which i managed to photograph, i'm sure i could hear more around the village but can't be sure it wasn't the same birds. Red hot up the reservoir today and this kept the birds quiet for most of the day, tree pipits were singing at winnows hill and a couple of cuckoo were heard. The red squirrels were on show being fed by some photographers despite the large sign saying please don't feed them! Didn't do my full rounds today as i took my mother around the reservoir to show her the sights and to have a spot of lunch in Blanchland. Here is the spotted flycatcher photo i got.

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