Thursday, 29 May 2014

29th May

I was just leaving the house when news of 3 Bee-eaters came on the pager at South gare, Cleveland :0 i don't normally waste money and time going to see birds which iv'e already seen but i couldn't resist going to see these birds :) i arrived at South gare to be greeted by 2 of the Bee-eaters perched in a bush at Paddy's pool, i watched the birds for about half an hour before heading off to the bomb hole where a Black redstart was feeding, got the bird straight away before it vanished. Then it was back to the Bee-eaters, by this time they were up feeding and one of the birds was calling and seemed to be displaying to the other with its catch. Great views for a couple of hours before they wen't elusive only showing briefly a few times. Well worth the trip for this bird :)


  1. Steven,
    You lucky chap being able to get away quite a lot to see a bird when it pops up on various media platforms, I cant wait for the day when I am able to just go and enjoy the birds whenever I want.

  2. Cheers john, i'am fortunate not to be working most days except for a fri & sat. Comes in handy with my hobbie ;) roll on full retirement ;) lol