Monday, 26 May 2014

26th May

Haven't posted for a week now due to me being busy, today i decided to head to Bury where a Little bittern was showing well all day yesterday, i waited until the bird was reported this morning before setting of as they usually migrate during the night. The bird was reported at 5am, so off i went at 6:30am and arriving on site at just 9:15am, on the way down it came on the pager and was followed by another message at 8am as no further sign. I had in my mind that this was going to be a dip :( as i approached the crowed i noticed everyone lifting there bins and pointing, the click off cameras was a tell tale sign that the bird was on show :0 i ran to the crowed and lifted my bins and the first bird in view was a stonking male LITTLE BITTERN feeding in an iris filled pool :) a few minutes later a coot with chicks attacked the Lb and flushed it into the willow before i could get a photo. It took another 2 hours before the bird showed again only this time it came right out in full view allowing me to get a few shots before it flew back into the willow, also here was drake common scoter, sedge warbler, garden warbler, after a bit of a natter to a few birders i decided to call it a day and head back up north. On the way back a black stork was reported at Thorne moors which i was passing but i was to knackered to twitch it, good job i don't need it for Britain ;) i also had a couple in Nepal. Yesterday i had a dodge around Derwent reservoir with the Dragonhunter and we had - Black grouse, tree pipits, 7 cuckoo, spotted flycatcher and the Dragonhunter gripped me off with a male merlin :/ lucky so and so!

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