Monday, 26 May 2014

26th May

Picked the Dragonhunter up at 7pm for a nightjar session, we went to Blanchland first to meet up with Bob. At Blanchland we had a brief view of spotted flycatcher, next we headed up to the moors where we had 3 male black grouse and a single female, lots of waders were on show and a few were still displaying. Slaley was our final stop where we waited for the nightjars to show, while waiting we had 3+ cuckoo, 1 singing tree pipit, red grouse with chicks, common buzzard, 3+ woodcock and 3 nightjars put on a short show as the rain that wasn't forecast started to come down :( not to worry though as the views we got of a male flying around in front of us were amazing :) managed a bit of a blurred shot of one of the nightjars, i think i could improve a little with a bit practice, lol. The Dragonhunter put on a show with his white hankies which i tried to get a video of, lucky for him it didn't turn out :( next time, lol. all the shots below were taken in very poor light, hence the quality.
Nightjar and Woodcock in flight

Nearly a good shot, i'll keep trying.

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  1. Relieved the footage didn't come out after being 'stitched up'. Had visions of me appearing on You've Been Framed as a midnight Morris Dancer :-O
    Excellent session though, some cracking views of some cracking birds. Cheers :-)